On the Virtue & Transference of Gnosis from the Guardians of the Spheres

Some of the Rune Soup premium members started a side project of angel bothering in June. This is my “What did I do this summer” essay. It was an experiment for me the entire way and nothing below is said with any form of authority. This is just my experience.

Links to other members musings at the end!

How we worked with the angels

The whole thing felt magically entangled from the start. Looking back, I’m not sure there is a piece of my life this working didn’t touch. I really wish I had written a long-form journal throughout. Now that we are at the end it’s hard to see how and when each piece snapped into place. Trying to summarize it here has been like taming a dragon.

Everyone knew they wanted to do some magic with angels, but not sure what. The UK had a scrying group working with Rudd’s Keys to the Gateways of Magic and we decided to run with that. Going into the project most of us had never tried scrying or even followed along with a grimoire. We started a discord server to keep everything in one place and it served as the backbone of the working. It was a constant source of resources, discussion, and inspiration.

Rudd’s Keys to the Gateway of Magic is a series of 10 invocations to the planetary angels. Each angel coming from their respective layer of heaven. The order we did them in was: Metatron/Moveable Heaven, Raziel/Starry Firmament, Cassiel/Saturn, Sachiel/Jupiter, Samael/Mars, Michael/Sol, Anael/Venus, Raphael/Mercury, Gabriel/Luna. 

Each invocation is about a 25-minute long prayer… though I think long-form angelic contract law is a better description. It’s dry and monotonous. But that is a feature of its design, not a flaw. Reading the prayers you quickly slip into a trancelike state. After the prayers, you spend 10 minutes scrying with your stone.

To make it work for a group we had different members read the invocations, then we all separately scryed. After that, we would spend 30 to 40 minutes comparing notes. The group discussion after each scrying session is what made this working zing. I can see why scrying is sometimes done in pairs.

I think one of the first discussions on discord was “What even am an angel?” (This is a bit of a Rune Soup inside joke… it’s what you say before you dive into the philosophical goo of something and try to pull out its quintessential meat.) From that question, our project took on an exploratory direction. Most of us were calling on angels to better understand them, their story, and their place in the cosmos. 

For me, the main questions were, which I hope to answer for you at the end.

– What even are angels?

– What do they want?

– How can we work with them?

Early on I would use the two week period between sessions to interact with each angel. The most used method was right before sleep or after meditation I would ask the angel to show themselves. Or I would ask them to show me something. I did not use formal prayers or rituals. Just a simple “Yo, you up?” The results from these sessions were small blips of information that would only make sense later. 

It feels weird to say they just sorta showed up, but they did. Some with better results than others. It didn’t feel like I needed an elaborate ritual or prayer. Instead, they felt quite willing.

I think the best way to illustrate the answers I arrived at is to walk you through the three most important contact events I had. Or skip to the end when I try to sum up what I think about angels. 


Michael was pure fire. I had never worked with them before. I did this invocation solo and by coincidence, it landed on Michaelmas (September 29th) By the time we worked our way to Michael I was better at asking questions and getting answers. My first few scrying sessions were mostly a jumble of pictures and me desperately trying to piece something together. 

With Michael, I asked what are we doing with all this? Like yes, this is fun to call you all up… But why did I just jumble through 25 minutes of prayers that I only sorta believe in? What’s next and why?

Michael told me “The magic is in the creation of the prayers, the sigils, the drawings.  Repeating and replicating someone else’s words is fine, but it is a shadow of what comes from the creation process. Each one of us should always seek to divine our own system. The power of grimoires is not that these prayers or these sigils are correct or powerful. It’s that this person took the time to write and make them. Following someone else’s grimoire/system is just training wheels.”

The scrying session was really moving and I wanted to honor them with something. I started drawing an altar card for Michael. I am an occasional artist—emphasis on the word occasional—but as I drew Michael, something flowed out of me. It felt right. I share this not to say my drawings are some masterpiece. It is to illustrate the creative process of making something for the angel was magic. As I drew I understood the angel differently.

Again, I was presented with the evidence that just mentally sitting with the angel brought presence. Not quite like scrying, but small nudges and flows. It was like sitting with someone while you paint their portrait. You aren’t speaking but you are taking them in. Trying to distill their essence onto the canvas.

The process was so delightful that I decided to do the whole set of angels. With each picture, I poured over the notes in my journal and paid attention to syncs, signs, and dreams. Often little bits would click into place and make my vision of the angel more concrete.

If I had to put words to the feeling… it’s like they want you to connect or talk to them on a different level… one of creation and inspiration. Something about angels (or some angels) makes them more accessible. It’s less that my drawings are a correct representation of them, but a representation of my connection to them. I’m showing them how I see them. Letting them look through my eyes so I can look through theirs.


Raphael is the only angel that showed up for me in a traditional way. They were a brilliant ball of wings and light that shimmered and turned slowly. My drawing of Raphael is exactly what I saw. When I asked what was their form, they told me they are the speed of white light.

I asked what they could teach me and light burst from my palms, then my eyes and mouth… then every cell in my being. They told me that healing comes from a physical action connected to a mental intention. 

The important thing I want to stress is the light that shot from my palms was a feeeeeeling. I’m emphasizing this to hopefully better describe it. Do you know when you wake up from a dream and you can still taste or feel the thing in your dream? Maybe it was a sex dream with a random coworker and you spend all day at work feeling awkward around them because you can still feeeeeeeel it?

This is how the light shooting from my palms was. It was a feeling. The next morning in meditation I could feel that light. I can still grasp at it now a month later, but it’s harder, farther away. That feeling was Raphael’s virtue. The thing they had to teach. But let’s put a pin in that thought. We will come back to it, I promise.


My Gabriel session confirmed what I got from Michael. At this point, I was much better at communicating and asking questions. Gabriel said they are the angel that has the most contact with humans. They are the signs and syncretistic events.

When I asked Gabriel how to work with them they told me to “Create their likeness and know them.” And to “Lay their virtues on your shoulders like a mantle.” 

A tarot spread the next day solidified what I was getting. The center card was the six of wands from the Dracxidios Tarot. It shows a human body with energy flowing from their centers and connected to an anatomically correct heart. In my journal I wrote next to it, “Humans in flow are angelic” I mention this note because I’m not sure why I made that connection. It wasn’t something that stuck with me until I went back into my notes. 

The surrounding cards in my tarot spread were The High Priestess and the eight of coins. Which speaks of bringing things from intuition into tangible form. In the end, I think this is what angels want more than anything. They want you to take what is inside and make it physical.

Now to perform my greatest trick… to wrap this whole thing up in a package and try to deliver it in some coherent package. 😉

What even am angels? (Or at least what are these angels?)

This is just my answer from this moment in time. (Which happens to be November 9th at 9:27 am, in case you’re wondering.) You should ask yourself a question like this. But don’t just think it in your head… write it down. Go on. I’ll wait. Things become very slippery when you try to make them concrete.

To me, angels are fractal emanations from gateways of being. They are like a concept of being that gained consciousness. They are persuasions fluttering on the edge of perception. 

An angel is never one thing, but a revolving mass that changes. Which face of the emanation you connect to is up to you. I think on some level it matters who you are and why you are calling on them. It’s like the stupid two wolves thing, except with fractal beings there are infinite connection lines. Which means, I can’t tell you what your angels are because your angels are different than mine.

What I can say is that they have always been here.. with humans that is. They get wrapped up in the dominant metaphysics model of the time quite easily, but to say they came with Christianity is silly. They do not feel Christian, and I doubt they give two fucking shits if you are either. They are just happy to work with whatever model you are working with… because the true control here is the picture you paint of them and what you do with it. 

And lastly, I believe that angels are not above, but below. They are not found in the layered heavens above, but deep within the pools of self. They are beings of the subconscious. This is why they are so easy to contact and why they lend themselves to dream, journey, and intuition work. 

What do they want? And how can we work with them?

Call them up and “know them.” Angels bear gifts, but they can’t teach you something if you never interact with them. I can summarize what I got from them and hope it helps you, but really these things are tailor-made for each person.

Lay their virtues on your shoulders like a mantle. Once you see the essence of what they are, how can you think with that? Raphael was the key to understanding that each one had a gift to teach. And that I could hold that gift in my mind’s eye and change my perception. This point is much harder to articulate because it is a feeling. All I can do is tell you to pay attention for it. Maybe even ask for it.

Create their likeness. This might be knowledge for me personally, but I think it’s worth sharing. While I enjoyed using Rudd’s angel calling method because it worked so well, it isn’t my style. Throughout the project, I had been wondering how to do more scrying without long prayers. Michael answered, and Gabriel confirmed… find your own dial-up method. For me, that has been my drawings. Each person will have their own way in. Once you make contact strengthen that connection with contemplation and representation. This is the key to their gateway.

This last piece is just a suggestion. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I wish I had kept a longer journal. Angels are of the subconscious and they communicate that way. They are entangled beings that will show up in every aspect of your life. It’s much easier to put themes together if you keep a journal of notes, thoughts, and feelings. I kept only the most basic notes, and this made it much harder to pull things together for me.

Other Members Angel Notes or Art

Reverend Janglebones blog post on our angel bothering.

Issim / Choir of Angels Scrying notes

Everyone in the group did these sessions solo. I did this one on October 26th, 2020

I ask them their form? I see a rainbow of small creatures zipping around in a globe. They are the halo of multiplicity. Like the aura of angels or their protective shield? The creatures fit together perfectly yet keep moving. I see them in the halo of an angel. Now that they are moving around an angel they look like a shimmery bubble or space helmet.

I get the sense that they act as a protective shell to help angel move in our world? I try “thinking” with this form and putting the protective shell around me.

Notes from my journal on the Issim / Choir of Angels

Gabriel Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 18th, 2020

I did this session alone. I’m getting better at questions now. This angel appears to me as the most human and accessible. 

Who are you? Gabriel interacts with us all the time. They are the angel/sphere/heaven that humans use the most.

What is your form? I see a bright white eye. It is like a circle and so bright it’s hard to see. It looks more like a glowing orb than an eye. “They look upon the earth and lay out their signs and symbols”

How can I work with you? A desire to work with each again. To know the spheres ascending. “Create works of their likeness and KNOW them.”

Can I direct them for magic or is it just knowing them? “Lay their virtues on your shoulders like a mantel” Create their likeness and words and signs. Once you know them, you can direct them.

Examples: Gabriel can aid in interpreting things. Raphael in the joining of “mental and physical” for healing. Raziel for journey work. As I know each I will know what they are for,

Gabriel in the Orb or Heaven of Mercury

Raphael Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 10th, 2020 in a group

I see electric white lighting, white tornadoes. 

When I ask their form? They are the speed of white light. I see hot white light bursting from the sky and melting a person with its brilliance. The light burns a hole deep into the desert ground. I look into the pit and descend.

At the bottom of the put is the a bright glowing ball of wings and rays of light. It floats above the floor of the pit and turns slowly. 

I ask what they can teach me? Light shoots out from the palms of my hands then my eyes, then my mouth, then all the cells of my being. They tell me healing comes from the combination of mental action and physical action. Both are required.

Anael Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 4th, 2020 in a group

A fairy in a flower. THen I see angels, mermaids, nymphs join in circles. There is a focus on the circles these mythical creatures form. The community… and the multiple forms it takes—friendship and backstabbing.

I see a giant shelled creature like a turtle with trees on it’s back. Then a giant tree with clouds in a circle around the trunk. 

When I ask: What is your form? I get the mythical creatures again. Again an emphasis on the circle. It’s like the angel is showing me that they are the circle the creatures form. Not the creatures. THey are not Venus but part of the gate Venus. Whatever that means. 

A very distracted spirit or being to interact with. There were times when it was there and then times when it was not.

Anael (and Nogael) from the Orb or Heaven of Venus

Michael Scrying Notes

Notes: Scrying session done alone and happened to fall on Michaelmas (September 29th, 2020)

Only read the second prayer on accident. Got absolutely blazed. No seal. Used three stones in a triangle cracked quartz, golden healer, and whatever I was sent as a free gift with my rock order. I put the RSPM token that Kim sent me under the cracked quartz instead of a seal. Honestly, I was too lazy to write down the seal and tried “winging it”

Michael was my favorite yet. This one hit me hard. 

I spent all day traveling alone yesterday. Despite being around people in the airport for 10 hours I barely spoke to anyone. Traveling during COVID is very lonely. You are masked up, and very much in your own bubble. When I got home my family was asleep, and when I woke up they were gone for the day. 

When I was traveling I looked through Chumbley’s books and the Scarlet Imprint grimoires. It felt like a day of quiet reflection. Then I did this scrying session first thing in the morning on the day of Michaelmas. I hadn’t planned it this way but it just worked out. This felt like the most helpful thing before a session–not the fasting, or which cleansing technique or my sigil/crystal setup… but intense quiet reflection and study for 24 hours before.

I played around with looking at the crystal and closing my eyes throughout. In the crystal, I saw chains snaking out, but they were also vines. When I closed my eyes they became the blood vessels behind my eyes that were snaking out.

I opened my eyes and saw the moment of god touching adam–like in that painting. And knowing that Michael was a part of that? Came from that? Like the moment a contract is signed/sealed it becomes another thing. A moment of creation.

Then a sense of overwhelming growth. Like drowning in bounty. Vines choking down another plant. Or the sun burning you alive. The sense of every bit of space and time being filled with life…cells against cells in your body and how they continue to replicate in chaotic succession until one day they just burn out. How the infinite expanse of life spirals down into the infinitely small. Galaxies, solar systems, people, cells, molecules, atoms… etc…

Closing my eyes I see a skull that becomes a bear. I’m disgusted by the skull but I get the feeling I shouldn’t be because they are the same thing. The skull is just the bear. It is always the bear.

Then I think to ask questions! Finally! Since I can never seem to remember. I keep my eyes closed throughout. I rarely see with my eyes, but sense and feel these.

(As I first start to record these in my journal I get the feeling that I should never use gendered pronouns for a spirit again. That I can make a stand here and now against the “maleness” that we have ascribed to angels.)

What are you? Like are you the actual sun?

No, not literally the sun but yes absolutely the sun. How a name means a person. How a symbol means a thought. Micahel is both the consciousness of every particle of the sun in the way they are the explosion of being. Both and neither. 

What is your form?

Their form is sun rays bursting out as a flower blooming. The explosion outwards of all things. This divine moment is a part of God/The All, but when singled out, it is also Michael as they truly are.

What should I do magic wise? Like yes, this is fun to call you all up… But why did I just jumble through 25 minutes of prayers that I only sorta believe in? Why this sigil? What’s next and why?

The magic is in the creation of the prayers, the sigils, the drawings.  Repeating and replicating someone else’s words is fine and all but it is a shadow of what comes from the creation process. And that each one of us should always seek to divine our own system. The power of grimoires is not that these prayers or these sigils are correct or powerful. It’s that this person took the time to write and make them. Following someone else’s grimoire/system is just training wheels.

The sun comes out from behind a cloud and I can see it through my eyelids, I glance at my phone timer and it has 30 seconds and the feeling of Micahel is gone.

Michael & The Dragon – in the Orb or Heaven of Sol

Samael Scrying Notes

Scrying session on September 9th, 2020 in a group.

A giant creature of mud rises from the ground. I’m unsure if it is male or female. It has a large belly and breasts. Wild hair. Then I see lots of orcs. Green ones, brown ones. A cyclops, then a creature with three eyes.

There is a giant ziggeraut with a blue crystal just above. I get the idea that there are beings chained to the crystal even though I can’t see it. I see dragons zipping through the air like ribbons. “They are the beasts who bore fire on their backs” and I should “Make peace with violence.” (As in it’s okay to be violent in some cases,not that peace only comes through violence)

There is a giant tree with a face growing from the middle of a crater. People are spread out all around it. Others arrive on the horizon and I think they will attack, but instead they join the others in camping around the tree.

Samael in the Orb or Heaven of Mars

Sachiel Scrying Notes

Scrying session on September 3rd, 2020 in a group. As a side note I was getting A LOT of syncs and themes about circular time around this time. To the point where my husband noticed it. This makes more sense looking back.

This one kicks up a lot during the prayers. A white wolf in winter, lots of animals like a gorilla, elephants etc. I have visions of storm clouds. They are yellow and gray. Both stormy and bright. Like a tornado bathed in golden light.

I see a light or fire on the horizon. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad. It feels like where a star landed. I see two black pillars with a glowing orb in between.

Once the official scrying session happens I get a heavy presence. It’s like a gigantic weight on my chest. It makes it hard to breath and move. I try to ask a question but my brain doesn’t move quite right. I get the response “More people should do this” When I ask what it means, it says “Be slow” The weight is comforting and constant.

Sachiel in the Orb or Heaven of Jupiter

Cassiel Scrying Notes

Scrying session done on August 11th, 2020 in a solo session. I missed the group session because of a mushroom journey. ✨😉

I see a man dragging himself in the desert. Then on the beach dragging itself into the water.

For most of the rest of the session I’m a traveling through tubes, eventually I realize they are like blood vessels. I want to see more than just these tubes, but the idea that walking along these tubes or veins is the point. Being present here. Now. That is what this angel has to show me.

I still forgot to ask questions.

Cassiel in the Orb or Heaven of Saturn

Raziel Scrying Notes

I see a group of people with arms raised up charging in (for battle?) I get pops in my ears and flickers in my vision. Then I see outlines of beings with a sea of stars behind them. Lots of quick flashes of insects. There is a small white spider on my scrying mirror (in real life). Then flashes of a man in a robe, then a brown eagle, a black obelisk. I get the idea that while meditating I should put my body in the shape of the Merkaba. I try making triangles of my arms and legs.

Up to this point I’ve been getting quick glimpses of things. But then I get a blue net spread out over space. At each intersection there is a figure. This part stays for a while. It is similar to the dream I had the other night of seeing a being help others onto a web of light. There was a sense of movement and agency and also a place outside of the web of reality. It seemed maybe only beings like angels could move about here.

Next time I should ask questions.

Raziel in the Starry Heaven