A Time Capsule

Feeling that I should keep a blog of my notes I googled around for a cheap solution. I find WordPress and begin the signup process. Shoot… the name I wanted is taken. Hrmmm I wonder who has that domain?

Oh, it’s ME!! From 11 years ago when the first glimmer of the journey began.

I am going to leave the old posts. And here is my old about me text. For memories sake. 😉

About me

Randomly updated things that interest me. Maybe on topic (relgion, god, spirituality) and maybe not.

When my history teacher made an off-the-cuff comment on two versions of creation in the bible (one that blamed women and one that didn’t). I started a self study on who wrote the bible and general religious history…. unfortunately (or fortunately) this led me down the rabbit hole. This blog is a bit about the journey down the  hole and into a world of philosophy, religion, spirituality, thought, existence, and all through the eyes of a lay person.

On the note of two creations in the bible(one that blamed women and one that didn’t):

She was talking about there being two version of the adam and eve story; one that blamed women and was put into the version of the bible, and one that blamed both sexes and wasn’t put into the bible… I have yet to find evidence of the second one. Though I do admit I have gotten off track. If you know of information about this specific subject, please contact me! :)

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