Anael Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 4th, 2020 in a group

A fairy in a flower. THen I see angels, mermaids, nymphs join in circles. There is a focus on the circles these mythical creatures form. The community… and the multiple forms it takes—friendship and backstabbing.

I see a giant shelled creature like a turtle with trees on it’s back. Then a giant tree with clouds in a circle around the trunk. 

When I ask: What is your form? I get the mythical creatures again. Again an emphasis on the circle. It’s like the angel is showing me that they are the circle the creatures form. Not the creatures. THey are not Venus but part of the gate Venus. Whatever that means. 

A very distracted spirit or being to interact with. There were times when it was there and then times when it was not.

Anael (and Nogael) from the Orb or Heaven of Venus

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