Gabriel Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 18th, 2020

I did this session alone. I’m getting better at questions now. This angel appears to me as the most human and accessible. 

Who are you? Gabriel interacts with us all the time. They are the angel/sphere/heaven that humans use the most.

What is your form? I see a bright white eye. It is like a circle and so bright it’s hard to see. It looks more like a glowing orb than an eye. “They look upon the earth and lay out their signs and symbols”

How can I work with you? A desire to work with each again. To know the spheres ascending. “Create works of their likeness and KNOW them.”

Can I direct them for magic or is it just knowing them? “Lay their virtues on your shoulders like a mantel” Create their likeness and words and signs. Once you know them, you can direct them.

Examples: Gabriel can aid in interpreting things. Raphael in the joining of “mental and physical” for healing. Raziel for journey work. As I know each I will know what they are for,

Gabriel in the Orb or Heaven of Mercury

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