Michael Scrying Notes

Notes: Scrying session done alone and happened to fall on Michaelmas (September 29th, 2020)

Only read the second prayer on accident. Got absolutely blazed. No seal. Used three stones in a triangle cracked quartz, golden healer, and whatever I was sent as a free gift with my rock order. I put the RSPM token that Kim sent me under the cracked quartz instead of a seal. Honestly, I was too lazy to write down the seal and tried “winging it”

Michael was my favorite yet. This one hit me hard. 

I spent all day traveling alone yesterday. Despite being around people in the airport for 10 hours I barely spoke to anyone. Traveling during COVID is very lonely. You are masked up, and very much in your own bubble. When I got home my family was asleep, and when I woke up they were gone for the day. 

When I was traveling I looked through Chumbley’s books and the Scarlet Imprint grimoires. It felt like a day of quiet reflection. Then I did this scrying session first thing in the morning on the day of Michaelmas. I hadn’t planned it this way but it just worked out. This felt like the most helpful thing before a session–not the fasting, or which cleansing technique or my sigil/crystal setup… but intense quiet reflection and study for 24 hours before.

I played around with looking at the crystal and closing my eyes throughout. In the crystal, I saw chains snaking out, but they were also vines. When I closed my eyes they became the blood vessels behind my eyes that were snaking out.

I opened my eyes and saw the moment of god touching adam–like in that painting. And knowing that Michael was a part of that? Came from that? Like the moment a contract is signed/sealed it becomes another thing. A moment of creation.

Then a sense of overwhelming growth. Like drowning in bounty. Vines choking down another plant. Or the sun burning you alive. The sense of every bit of space and time being filled with life…cells against cells in your body and how they continue to replicate in chaotic succession until one day they just burn out. How the infinite expanse of life spirals down into the infinitely small. Galaxies, solar systems, people, cells, molecules, atoms… etc…

Closing my eyes I see a skull that becomes a bear. I’m disgusted by the skull but I get the feeling I shouldn’t be because they are the same thing. The skull is just the bear. It is always the bear.

Then I think to ask questions! Finally! Since I can never seem to remember. I keep my eyes closed throughout. I rarely see with my eyes, but sense and feel these.

(As I first start to record these in my journal I get the feeling that I should never use gendered pronouns for a spirit again. That I can make a stand here and now against the “maleness” that we have ascribed to angels.)

What are you? Like are you the actual sun?

No, not literally the sun but yes absolutely the sun. How a name means a person. How a symbol means a thought. Micahel is both the consciousness of every particle of the sun in the way they are the explosion of being. Both and neither. 

What is your form?

Their form is sun rays bursting out as a flower blooming. The explosion outwards of all things. This divine moment is a part of God/The All, but when singled out, it is also Michael as they truly are.

What should I do magic wise? Like yes, this is fun to call you all up… But why did I just jumble through 25 minutes of prayers that I only sorta believe in? Why this sigil? What’s next and why?

The magic is in the creation of the prayers, the sigils, the drawings.  Repeating and replicating someone else’s words is fine and all but it is a shadow of what comes from the creation process. And that each one of us should always seek to divine our own system. The power of grimoires is not that these prayers or these sigils are correct or powerful. It’s that this person took the time to write and make them. Following someone else’s grimoire/system is just training wheels.

The sun comes out from behind a cloud and I can see it through my eyelids, I glance at my phone timer and it has 30 seconds and the feeling of Micahel is gone.

Michael & The Dragon – in the Orb or Heaven of Sol

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