Raziel Scrying Notes

I see a group of people with arms raised up charging in (for battle?) I get pops in my ears and flickers in my vision. Then I see outlines of beings with a sea of stars behind them. Lots of quick flashes of insects. There is a small white spider on my scrying mirror (in real life). Then flashes of a man in a robe, then a brown eagle, a black obelisk. I get the idea that while meditating I should put my body in the shape of the Merkaba. I try making triangles of my arms and legs.

Up to this point I’ve been getting quick glimpses of things. But then I get a blue net spread out over space. At each intersection there is a figure. This part stays for a while. It is similar to the dream I had the other night of seeing a being help others onto a web of light. There was a sense of movement and agency and also a place outside of the web of reality. It seemed maybe only beings like angels could move about here.

Next time I should ask questions.

Raziel in the Starry Heaven

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