Sachiel Scrying Notes

Scrying session on September 3rd, 2020 in a group. As a side note I was getting A LOT of syncs and themes about circular time around this time. To the point where my husband noticed it. This makes more sense looking back.

This one kicks up a lot during the prayers. A white wolf in winter, lots of animals like a gorilla, elephants etc. I have visions of storm clouds. They are yellow and gray. Both stormy and bright. Like a tornado bathed in golden light.

I see a light or fire on the horizon. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad. It feels like where a star landed. I see two black pillars with a glowing orb in between.

Once the official scrying session happens I get a heavy presence. It’s like a gigantic weight on my chest. It makes it hard to breath and move. I try to ask a question but my brain doesn’t move quite right. I get the response “More people should do this” When I ask what it means, it says “Be slow” The weight is comforting and constant.

Sachiel in the Orb or Heaven of Jupiter

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