Samael Scrying Notes

Scrying session on September 9th, 2020 in a group.

A giant creature of mud rises from the ground. I’m unsure if it is male or female. It has a large belly and breasts. Wild hair. Then I see lots of orcs. Green ones, brown ones. A cyclops, then a creature with three eyes.

There is a giant ziggeraut with a blue crystal just above. I get the idea that there are beings chained to the crystal even though I can’t see it. I see dragons zipping through the air like ribbons. “They are the beasts who bore fire on their backs” and I should “Make peace with violence.” (As in it’s okay to be violent in some cases,not that peace only comes through violence)

There is a giant tree with a face growing from the middle of a crater. People are spread out all around it. Others arrive on the horizon and I think they will attack, but instead they join the others in camping around the tree.

Samael in the Orb or Heaven of Mars

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