Working with the second key: Raziel

Written June 28th, 2020 after my very first scrying session. Awww.

As the US based group prepares to start working through the Skinner text on Rudd’s Gateways of Magic, it felt like a good idea to sit on the UK Angel Scrying group’s process. They’ve been working for a few months and are nearing the end of the process.

Before I outline my experience I want to share my general work with angels this week. I’ve been saying the daily prayers from the Heptameron. And before sleep I’ve journeyed into the four directions of my imagination space looking for angel contact. I wasn’t expecting too much from the journeys but just doing a bit of bothering and seeing what comes up. The first night heading north was a little slow but eventually I found a garden. Then east a beach, south a cemetery and when I moved east… nothing. I couldn’t get anything, I was just stuck in the forest. 

I did a card pull to get some clarification and direction. I pulled a center card for myself and then one for each directions… and then two clarifying cards for the areas that felt a bit more blocked. I came up as the hermit in the center and it felt fitting. Most everything here tracked perfectly… except the red diamond. But let’s put that on hold for a minute and carry on to the ritual.


We had very loud thunderstorm here about 20 minutes before the call that continued throughout. It felt ominous. Before the zoom call I cleansed the room and my stone with smoke and I said my daily angel prayers. I had done my typical rosary practice in the morning but saved the angel prayers. I placed a printed version of Raziel’s seal under my stone (I’m using a piece of velvet obsidian) and placed a chime candle to each side. 

Jaime read the introduction prayer and then the second key prayer for Raziel. He used a monotonous sing song voice that felt very trancelike. Halfway through the prayer I felt a blurry-ness cross my vision, but otherwise nothing much. The prayers last about 25 minutes and it felt like a nice lead up. It let me soften my focus and move to a dreamier state.

Then comes ten minutes to scry in silence. I’ll be honest, I have never done anything like this before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. For the first few minutes I kept waiting for a literal contact event or a voice in my head. My mind drifted to that beach in the movie Contact. I could see a sky of stars, except the stars were user profile pictures. You know like the little people outlines that social media sites show if you don’t upload an avatar? I got the impression that the stars were us… people/rune-soupers. Which made sense as I was on a zoom call with strangers from the internet. I also got the feel that angels are literally stars. They are like a network of souls in the sky. But I was stuck on these visions for a good 6 or 7 minutes. It was just the sea of faceless avatar people. When I mentally connected them like the angels the sky of stars parted like curtains. It felt like only by networking and forming a web that I could move to the next step?

From there I got the imagery of a black lake below the starry sky. A boat moved towards me on a beach lit by two torches. The boat looked empty but I could feel it wasn’t. Below the horizon line there were 5 to 8 black shillouted figures reflected. I tried asking a few questions here but I didn’t know if I should. And I still felt like I wasn’t really getting anything.

I saw a falling star land between two mountain peaks in the distance. Then I was at a circle around a fire… maybe two or three other people were there. A small brown owl landed at the edge and began walk dancing around the circle. He started to turn human, from the feet up. Before I could see the full transformation I felt my focus pulled back up to the stars. There was a large hulking blackness above. It had glowing yellow eyes but it was cold and still. Impartially watching. It wasn’t in the stars but above them. Then I noticed repeating versions of the same face stacked on top of each other. Each face slightly smaller than the one below. 

Then the bell chimed. It startled me and I came out of it. I still felt like I didn’t have anything. While I was experiencing the journey, it felt like nothing. There was a rush of the images in the last few minutes but it didn’t really coalesce into a narrative until after. If you had asked me to come out of that and immediately start describing it, I’m not sure I could. It felt like only when my rational mind came back could I make something coherent from it.

After people spoke of seeing a red diamond. Hence why I shared the spread above. Others spoke of a netted bag like the kind you put sports balls in, which are made of triangles. People spoke of beasts like where the wild things are. A stillness. Death. Nesting dolls. Webs. Fractals… And so much more. If I did it again, I would take notes on what people are saying after. This break down of experiences helped trigger little bits that I had felt inconsequential. That the water was black and still, or the presence above the stars was black and still, did not resonate as noteworthy until others shared their experiences. 

I’m not 100% what the red diamond is about. Maybe it is the space between the nets. Maybe just a way to say “hey pay attention!” All I know is this all felt right. It felt like the work I’m supposed to be doing right now. I’m quite excited.

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