Metatron – Scrying Notes

Notes of my group scrying session on July 12, 2020 During the invocation I saw a shadow outline of a person with a giant eye for a head. The eye was like a black hole looking into a deep and endless space. It had rays of light at the edges like an eclipse and raysContinue reading “Metatron – Scrying Notes”

Working with the second key: Raziel

Written June 28th, 2020 after my very first scrying session. Awww. As the US based group prepares to start working through the Skinner text on Rudd’s Gateways of Magic, it felt like a good idea to sit on the UK Angel Scrying group’s process. They’ve been working for a few months and are nearing theContinue reading “Working with the second key: Raziel”

The ‘Scales of Doubt’ Quiz

The ‘Scales of Doubt’ Quiz *this is rather old but I like it. Taken from NPR article about Doubt the book.* Answer “Yes,” “No,” or “Not Sure” to the following: 1. Do you believe that a particular religious tradition holds accurate knowledge of the ultimate nature of reality and the purpose of human life? 2.Continue reading “The ‘Scales of Doubt’ Quiz”

Symbolic Immortality

From: Carlo Strenger’s article You’d better believe it: Daniel Dennett argues that many religious people don’t truly believe. But though I sympathise, it’s a case of wishful thinking Hopefully enough of a clipping to understand where I’m going with my thoughts. What is Dennett’s problem, then? Why can’t he accept the facts, even though heContinue reading “Symbolic Immortality”

Good for Him! Jimmy Carter stands up for women’s rights!

I think its hard for someone who is part of a religious community to make a stand on one point. Organized religions are not just the beliefs but they also consist of a community. It seems like sometimes you have to accept ALL the aspects of a religion or quit/be kicked out. It looks likeContinue reading “Good for Him! Jimmy Carter stands up for women’s rights!”

The God Delusion – first thoughts

So with all the talk and thoughts about atheism this last week, I thought I should actually read the God Delusion. While I’m only a little ways in, I thought I should make some comments. Dawkins brings up some very good points about organized religion and how it seems to get a free pass inContinue reading “The God Delusion – first thoughts”