On the Virtue & Transference of Gnosis from the Guardians of the Spheres

Some of the Rune Soup premium members started a side project of angel bothering in June. This is my “What did I do this summer” essay. It was an experiment for me the entire way and nothing below is said with any form of authority. This is just my experience. Links to other members musingsContinue reading “On the Virtue & Transference of Gnosis from the Guardians of the Spheres”

Issim / Choir of Angels Scrying notes

Everyone in the group did these sessions solo. I did this one on October 26th, 2020 I ask them their form? I see a rainbow of small creatures zipping around in a globe. They are the halo of multiplicity. Like the aura of angels or their protective shield? The creatures fit together perfectly yet keepContinue reading “Issim / Choir of Angels Scrying notes”

Gabriel Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 18th, 2020 I did this session alone. I’m getting better at questions now. This angel appears to me as the most human and accessible.  Who are you? Gabriel interacts with us all the time. They are the angel/sphere/heaven that humans use the most. What is your form? I see a brightContinue reading “Gabriel Scrying Notes”

Raphael Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 10th, 2020 in a group I see electric white lighting, white tornadoes.  When I ask their form? They are the speed of white light. I see hot white light bursting from the sky and melting a person with its brilliance. The light burns a hole deep into the desert ground. IContinue reading “Raphael Scrying Notes”

Anael Scrying Notes

Scrying session done October 4th, 2020 in a group A fairy in a flower. THen I see angels, mermaids, nymphs join in circles. There is a focus on the circles these mythical creatures form. The community… and the multiple forms it takes—friendship and backstabbing. I see a giant shelled creature like a turtle with treesContinue reading “Anael Scrying Notes”

Michael Scrying Notes

Notes: Scrying session done alone and happened to fall on Michaelmas (September 29th, 2020) Only read the second prayer on accident. Got absolutely blazed. No seal. Used three stones in a triangle cracked quartz, golden healer, and whatever I was sent as a free gift with my rock order. I put the RSPM token thatContinue reading “Michael Scrying Notes”

Cassiel Scrying Notes

Scrying session done on August 11th, 2020 in a solo session. I missed the group session because of a mushroom journey. ✨😉 I see a man dragging himself in the desert. Then on the beach dragging itself into the water. For most of the rest of the session I’m a traveling through tubes, eventually IContinue reading “Cassiel Scrying Notes”